Book Review: Text Appeal by Lexi Ryan

Title: Text Appeal
Author: Lexi Ryan
Series: n/a
Publication Date: June 7th 2012
Genre: Romance, Adult Fiction
Format: iBooks
Pages: 230
Links: Goodreads / Kobo / Amazon

Charlie ‘the Devil’ Singleton is the face of professional poker. Notorious for playing cards and women, he knows when to hold ’em, when to walk away, and when to run—and he’s got skills at the poker table too. But Charlie’s ready to change his ways, and the surprisingly sexy texts he’s getting from Riley are making him want to bet everything…on her.

Riley Carter is nothing like the hotel heiresses who make the news. A girl who’s determined to run her father’s hotel empire can’t share many traits with women who fill the gossip rags. But when living in Vegas, a straight-laced life can be stifling…and ‘the Devil’ has a way of tempting even the best-behaved girls.

When Riley discovers the naughty messages on her new cell haven’t been coming from “Mr. Right” but from Charlie, she falls into a hot affair with the last man she expected. But consorting with the notorious bad boy puts her hard-won reputation on the line, and Riley must decide if the poker player is more to her than a little TEXT APPEAL.

My rating: ★★★.5/5

My Thoughts

I read an excerpt for this book last year and if I remember correctly it was at the end of Just One Night (Decadence Creek, #1) by Lexi Ryan. I did enjoy reading this book, in fact I read it in one sitting. The Characters that are introduced seem to all fit well, hot and steamy scenes between Riley and Charlie, and it’s even a little funny at times.

So we have Riley, father’s golden girl. Sadly she lives her life to please her father, dates Chaz; someone she knows her father will approve of. Works hard at her father’s company, though he would rather she didn’t work at all. But Riley is determined to show him that she can be strong, independent and deserves the GM position. Then we have Riley’s dance class, ah her outlet. This is how Riley rebels against her father, although its minor. She knows her father doesn’t want her to dance because of what happened to her mother.

Enter Charlie ‘The Devil’. The sexy bad boy who knows how to play woman just as good as he plays cards, but of course he’s getting tired of it and what does he want? Riley. And then there’s Lacey, who happens to be Riley’s roommate and Charlie’s sister. Oh, too good!

Although I did enjoy reading this book, there was something that bothered me. Maybe it’s JUST ME but I found that Lexi Ryan had too much going on at once. Let me list what seemed like important events taken place throughout the book:

  • The switching of contacts in Riley’s phone
    – Which is a given, it’s basically the whole point of the book, well, what puts everything into motion.
  • Charlie finding out he has a son
    – HOLD UP!! WHAT?! Okay…didn’t see that coming. Was it necessary? Who knows.
  • Charlie losing sponsors
    – Well…that must suck.
  • Riley finding out Chaz is cheating on her
    – GOOD! I mean, oh how horrible. Didn’t like Chaz anyways. Slimy little pig!
  • Charlie + Riley falling in love
    – Another given, who wouldn’t see this coming. Very cute though! 🙂
  • Elevator sex tape of Charlie + Riley goes public
    – HELLO! Hot + steamy, although I completely forgot they were in the elevator.
  • Charlie + Riley’s epic (not really) fight
    – Another given, it’s how stories work. You get two characters to come together after much resists and then there has to be a fall out of some sorts.
  • Lacey + Riley mini fight
    – Now this bothered me, Lacey you started the whole damn thing!

And I know i’m missing a couple more. I mean they were all helped develop the characters but maybe it was the style in which it was written that just made it all such a mess. Another thing, I understand why Riley would think Charlie released the sex tape, I mean he DID set up for the paparazzi to find them out at dinner. Good for him for finally telling Riley, but then the next day the sex tape goes out?! I would think it was him as well! And Lacey, she starts the whole thing but switching Charlie and Chaz contact info and doesn’t tell Riley thinking it would be innocent. Oh, if only she knew. But it annoyed me that someone who was roommates with Riley and knew Riley well would turn on her in a spilt second. I mean I thought Lacey would be Switzerland, waving that white flag…nope, she definitely was not.

I’m hoping that someone else who has read the book comes across my review so we can share thoughts and I can find out if i’m the only one that was annoyed with everything happening. I would indeed recommend this book for anyone to read though! 🙂



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