Goodreads + Bookshelf…Why, Oh WHY!?

Today I made the decision to go through my 2 bookshelves (both are white ikea Expedit shelves) and add what is missing to my Goodreads. This has to turned out to be such a stressful task! I’ve now noticed books that are missing aka I lent out and never got back, books I need to re-read, and books that I haven’t read. My own-to-read shelf on GR just keeps growing…and i’m nowhere close to being done! Sigh.

New shelves I added to GR:

  • “buy-back” – all the books I lent out and never got back
  • “own” – just so I have an easy way to know the amount of books I own 🙂
  • “read-again” – books I read so long ago that I want to re-read
  • “series-to-finish” – series that I’ve started but haven’t finished

Having added those new shelves i’m now at 29!! WOOT! I’m also moving in less than a month and this book shelf looks like a bomb went off! I would post a picture of it, but I’m worried I’ll be judge. It’s so unorganized and messy, should I clean it up? Or just leave it since it’ll all be going into boxes soon?! Mhmm…can’t decided. Thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “Goodreads + Bookshelf…Why, Oh WHY!?

  1. When I joined Goodreads back in 2007(?), I was going to go through my shelf and add everything. However, the task was monumental and as you are experiencing, going to be stressful! I decided to skip adding what I had already read and only add new books/reviews to Goodreads. It has kept my thoughts fresh, as I write the review immediately after reading the book and I also have a gauge on how many books I read a year. Good luck with your book project!

    • I got up to 290 and I’m probably about half way through my 2 bookshelves. So I gave up! It took getting to all my Dr. Seuss books and seeing how many were there, I took one look at them and just decided that it wasn’t practical do put them all on Goodreads!

      • Yeah, that’s a huge undertaking! I figure that most people on Goodreads have read much more than what is reflected on their shelves. I’m 36 and I can’t even try to think of my life time of books read!

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