Book Review: Fighting Fire #1: The Intern by Emily Stone

Title: Fighting Fire (Part One): The Intern
Author: Emily Stone
Series: Fighting Fire, Part One
Publication Date: November 10th, 2013
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Format: ebook
Pages: 74
Links: Goodreads | Kobo | Barnes & Noble


Claire Reynolds has had to fight for everything that she has achieved in her life. An erratic foster-care upbringing has left her determined to put in the hard work necessary to achieve her dreams and build a solid future.

Armed with her MBA and a five-year plan she has landed a prestigious internship with Bellingham Developments. If she excels, she will surely be offered a permanent job and a chance to make her mark in the industry she loves.

Enter Andrew Bellingham, heir to the Bellingham empire. Drew is most definitely not a part of any five-year plan. His playboy reputation is often the talk of the town; but Claire is surprised to find that Drew is completely the opposite of the gossip that surrounds him. Charming and intelligent, not to mention devastatingly handsome, Drew is a man who gets what he wants. And despite his father’s dismay, what he wants is Claire…

My rating: ★★/5

My Thoughts

I got this book for free on iBooks and it has 11 chapters, keep in mind there is around 5-8 pages a chapter equalling a total of 73 pages. When I first started reading this I liked the general concept of the book, the storyline and characters. But it just went downhill from there…

Chapter 1 & 2 focus on Claire and Cara’s friendship. The before and celebration of Claire getting the internship. Chapter 3, Claire’s first day and she meets Drew, I did like this part, I found it simple, cute, and funny. Chapter 4 we met Claire’s boss and Drew makes another appearance and the banter between the two is kind of cute. And by Chapter 5 I start to discover that for a character who is described as strong, independent, and hard-working with a 5 year plan lacks the ability to keep a backbone.

And here is where I start to dislike this book, Chapter 6! By the end of this chapter (at this point she’s only been there for a week) Claire is glued to Drew.

“You’ve been glued to that phone all week Claire bear, what’s the latest with Drew?”

Yea, so much for that backbone. And sure we can say well he was persistent but really? Last I checked, Claire has a 5 year plan and doesn’t have time for distractions. Why is it that by Chapter 8 she’s already fallen for him? Remember, there is roughly between 5-8 pages a chapter. NOT ENOUGH CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!! And then we get to the final chapter after Claire and Drew have dinner with Drew’s father, Victor Bellingham. He doesn’t like Claire, wow shocker. So, Victor threatens Drew with my guess Claire’s career, so Drew breaks up with Claire. Okay, saw that coming too. But the funny (not really) part? The last paragraph of this book.

“Despite my sadness and surprise over what had just taken place, the pragmatist in me was kicking in. At least I still had my job and that was what mattered now. I’d worked too damn hard to lose that too. It was time to dig deep and refocus on my future. A future that for now did not appear to include Andrew Bellingham.”

Well, well, well. I think the old Claire finally came back. Maybe this book wasn’t suppose to be a series, but at least have more chapters so there is character development. This book was a disappointment. There are other books that have a similar story line, and that have character development, which is the main thing this book lacked. I haven’t decided yet if I will continue to read this series or just leave it at this book. Maybe I’ll come back to it in a month or so. I recommend anyone to read this so we can chat about this book and our thoughts. Any takers?!

Favorite Quotes

“From what I hear, he’s a total idiot,” I said and then it hit me: I was talking to the very same sharp suit and brown eyes that I had seen on at least a dozen billboards around the city. I was already talking to him and I’d just called him an idiot to his face. “Shit!” I blurted.



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