ARC Review: Crazy, Stupid Sex by Maisey Yates

Title: Crazy, Stupid Sex
Author: Maisey Yates
Series: N/A
Expected Publication Date: February 11th, 2014
Genre: Adult Fiction, Erotica
Format: ebook
Pages: 101
Source: Netgalley
Links: Goodreads | Kobo

How to Land the Hot Guy 1.0
A multimillionaire by the age of 27, app developer Evie James is clueless when it comes to hooking up. So she does what any self-respecting geek-girl looking to get laid would do: she programs her own app for landing a hot guy. After a few failed attempts at making contact, beta testing leads her to Caleb Anderson.

Caleb is used to female attention, but finds himself attracted to Evie because of her unique brand of awkward. A master of one-night stands, he’s more than happy to show her what she’s been missing in the bedroom. But he quickly discovers that one night with a woman like Evie will never be enough for him…

My rating: ★★★/5

My Thoughts

* ARC was received from Harlequin/Cosmo Red Hot-Reads via NetGalley*

For anyone who has read a Cosmo Red Hot-Reads you know to expect a hot and steamy read that will leave you wanting more. This novella however didn’t have that full affect on me.

For the length of this story there’s a great relationship development between Evie and Caleb. But there was a lot missing to make this a solid and successful novella, also this story is more on the sweet and cute side than the hot and steamy side.

I loved that Evie was geeky and awkward, and at times I liked that Caleb was just a straight up player. But the more I read the more I found myself getting irritated with Caleb’s lack of maturity. Although, I loved the in-depth look at Caleb’s life and finding out why he’s the way he is. But I think the placement of it just didn’t fit with the story, after the last chapter I went looking for more. Crazy, Stupid Sex would have been better off as a full novel where there is more room for character growth.

If you want a light and short read I recommended Crazy, Stupid Sex is the book for you!



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