Book Review: Naomi Grim by Tiffany Nicole Smith

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Naomi Grim_Ebook (1)Naomi Grim

Author: Tiffany Nicole Smith
Series: The Silver Scythe Chronicles, #1
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Publication Date: September 29th, 2013
Publisher: Twisted Spice Publications
Purchase: Amazon

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The assignment:

Collect lifestones from humans after they die.

Rebellious, sixteen-year-old Naomi craves a normal life, but unfortunately, she’s a Grim by birth. That’s right, she sees dead people and hoards their living essence in a stone. Not a fun occupation.

In order to be good at her job, she must live among human teenagers for weeks at a time. But Naomi soon becomes attached to the kids she’s been assigned to watch over. And knowing that these teens are gonna die under less than ideal circumstances, she has the opportunity to prevent their deaths from occurring. Only one big problem—interfering with death is the worst crime a Grim can commit. If she intervenes, she’ll put herself and her family in danger.

Naomi must make the hardest choice of her career, go against the sacred covenant or watch her new friends walk blindly to their deaths.

Only one thing is for certain—Naomi has a grim knack for finding trouble and she’s about to break all the rules…


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Spoiler free review!

Okay, I really do need to stop picking a book because of its cover…or do I?

So as you can guess I picked this book because of the cover. I mean, look at it!! The detailing on the right side of her face, and how it blends with scythe! And then there’s the choice of font and color, PERFECT!! Who ever designed this cover, A++!

Now let me just say this before I start. I’m still a little confused on all the parts of this book. When I type in ‘Naomi Grim’ on Goodreads there are four parts, 1 combined, and then 2 of part one. Why are there so many?! When I received the ebook and noticed how many pages it was I knew for sure that it was part one – four. Now was I only to review part one? Or is part one – four now classified as the first book in a series? Someone please help me out! Haha.

I’ve never read anything involving grim reapers, so this was a first for me. But a VERY good first!! Naomi Grim is a fast paced but easy to follow read, I found it to be unique and fascinating. And poor Naomi! She just wants to be a normal teenage girl, but she’s a Grim and there’s nothing she can really do about that. Although once you read this, you learn that she’s not like all the other Grims!

I’m so happy I got to read this as a whole, instead of by parts. With those cliffhangers I would have been so mad if I had to wait to find out what happens next! So I’m really hoping there is a part 5/book 2. Because I want more!!!

4.5 stars

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*I picked quotes that I wouldn’t give anything away/be seen as spoilers*

“I hummed to the rhythm of my boots hitting the ground until I noticed the sound of extra footsteps. I stopped. The other footsteps stopped. I walked again, and the footsteps began again. I turned swiftly to see who was following me.”

“By the fifth shot I had become numb.”

“When you break the Covenant, you make our entire colony lose credibility. That’s the first rule of collecting_we only take he Fated.”

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Tiffany Nicole Smith resides in South Florida where she enjoys teaching as well as writing middle grade and young adult fiction. Tiffany enjoys reading and watching horror, action, and fantasy movies—all of which inspire new story ideas. Be on the lookout for upcoming releases. | Tiffany Smith

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