Blog Tour: The Accidental Socialite

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The Accidental Socialite

Author: Stephanie Wahlstrom
Series: N/A
Genre: Romance, Chick-Lit
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Publication Date: April 15th, 2014
Format: PDF
Pages: 244
Source: YA Bound Book Tours/Stephanie Wahlstrom
Purchase: Amazon

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Quirky and clumsy twenty-two-year-old Paige Crawford arrives in London on a cold Saturday in January. Just when Paige starts to think that moving thousands of miles away from home with no real plan was a bad idea, Jason Frost appears. Confident and classy, Jason is the complete opposite of Paige and just what she needs in her life, or so she thinks.

But before their romance has time to blossom, Paige trips and falls into the arms of a mysterious man on a drunken night out. She’s snapped by paparazzi, and newspaper headlines the next day suggest that she’s having an affair with a married footballer.

Paige finds herself instantly elevated to tabloid celebrity status which isn’t exactly a picnic, particularly when trying to juggle her new job at Fashionista magazine, a catalog of dating disasters and a nagging doubt that she maybe she can’t conquer London after all.

When a trip back to Canada for Christmas reminds Paige why she left her old life behind, she returns to London with renewed vigor realizing that while jobs, flats and men may come and go, friends in London are forever.


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The Accidental Socialite is a light and funny read that reminded me of Bridget Jones! Unhappy with her life Paige decides to move from Canada to England. And what a big move! But Paige turns out to be the kind of girl who if anything should go wrong, it will. The Accidental Socialite has a great life lesson that the famous life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Paige did manage to get on my nerves a couple of times, but overall this was indeed entertaining and down right hilarious read!

If you want a light and funny read that has romance and friendship than I recommend this book for you! Mind you there are more elements to it than just romance and friendship. This book had elements that reminded me of Sophie Kinsella, Jill Mansell and Cathy Hopkins, also I could see this being a TV-film! Something on ABC or The W Network, anyone else think so?

Overall I found this to be a good start for Stephanie Wahlstrom as a debut novel. I look forward to future books by her, and hopefully there will be some!

3.5 Stars

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Growing up in Edmonton, Canada, a significant amount of Stephanie’s time was spent making up and acting out stories. She was studying to be an actress when she realized there weren’t any parts for women being written. So, Stephanie wrote herself a short screenplay just to be in it and quickly realized that writing was her true passion. She graduated from the University of Alberta with an English and Sociology degree and she also has a Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts from Red Deer College. She moved to New York on a whim after University and has written a variety of TV shows including an environmentally friendly lifestyle series and a tween magazine style show about celebrities. Stephanie moved to London in 2008 and aside from being obsessed with Eggs Benedict, shoes, Fruit Roll Ups and travelling, she also works in Children’s Television.

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