Waiting on Wednesday (6): The Ring of Morgana

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**Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine that spotlights highly anticipated upcoming releases.**

The Ring of Morgana

Author: Donna Hosie
Series: The Children of Camelot, #1
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Mythology
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Expected Publication Date: May 12th, 2014
Format: Paperback, ebook
Purchase: Amazon | B&N

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**In a brand new series, Donna Hosie revisits Logres with THE CHILDREN OF CAMELOT.** 

Sixteen-year-old Mila Roth wants to be normal. It’s a phrase that has been drilled into her by her mother since she was born.

But Mila Roth is anything but normal. For sixteen years her parents have hidden a secret from her. For Mila was born one thousand years ago in the land of Logres, and far from being a math teacher and a housewife, Mila’s parents are the awakened King Arthur and Gorian druid queen, Morgana.

Two worlds, one thousand years apart. And those worlds are about to collide.

The spirit of the malevolent Lady of the Lake has been contained for sixteen years in the fabled Ring of Morgana. When the ring curses Mila’s younger sister, Lilly, the Roth family has no choice but to return Mila to the land of her birth as they face a battle against time itself.

Accompanied by her best friend, Rustin, Mila will have to decide whether to defy those she loves in order to save her sister. Should she trust the Gorian druids and the mysterious Melehan? What is the true cost to Mila’s heart as she strives to master the purple flame? And why have her mother and father denied the truth of her origins for so long?

For she alone has the combined power of royalty and druid magic within her.

And now only Mila can save Lilly and Logres.



According to Goodreads this book comes out on May 12th, but apparently it was released early? I’ve seen some comment saying it’s been released already…meh. I added this to my TBR-shelf back in the beginning of April, I remember being completely drawn to the cover. It’s absolutely beautiful! I have not read Donna’s other trilogy; The Return to Camelot and I believe it takes place before this series. Please correct me if I’m wrong. If this is the case then I’ll need to read The Return to Camelot before I can start The Ring of Morgana.

I look forward to reading a Fantasy and Mythology book. I’ve always been fascinated by mythology but haven’t read much books that fall in that genre, yes I still have to read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series! If you happen to have any mythology books that you want to recommend me, please feel free to share!

What book are you currently waiting on?!



9 thoughts on “Waiting on Wednesday (6): The Ring of Morgana

  1. I read her Return to Camelot series last year and loved it. I didn’t know The Ring of Morgana was out already and so I just downloaded it. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  2. this sounds interesting. I don’t remember ever reading a mythology book.. but I’ll go check this one out. nice pick!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog~

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