Review: Endless Love

Endless Love

Author: Natalie Wild
Series: Endless Love, #1
Genre: Romance, Adult Fiction
Publisher: Natalie Wild
Publication Date: February 3rd, 2014
Format: ebook
Pages: 30
Purchase: Amazon

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This is the first book of the ‘Endless Love’ series, written in the delicious and sensual style of Natalie Wild.

Rebecca has just moved out of the home she shared with her ex-husband and has moved to a small rural ocean side community. She almost hits a loose horse and in the process meets a horse trainer named Ian. He is a dominant male and he recognizes Rebecca as his. She is oblivious as to why she can’t stop thinking about him. He haunts her dreams after their first meeting and she feels as if he is watching her.

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

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Omg. Could it be?! Have I finally come across a book by Natalie Wild that was decent?! Hold on, a moment of silence is needed.

* Silence *

Okay, so I’ve tried reading a couple of her books and to say that I haven’t been impressed is an understatement. Hence why I haven’t posted any reviews on my blog about them! Her books normally lack character development, have stupid scenarios, and are just completely unrealistic.

This book was decent. I actually like the storyline, and found myself giggling at poor Rebecca trying to handle how Ian acts towards her. While this was a slightly interesting read, it was way too short. I would have preferred if all four novellas were just released as one complete book. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll continue to read the rest of this series, but there is a high chance I will.

 photo 11cf41c7-1e98-4802-b5cb-c4d74927f760_zpsa5a331f4.jpg

3 Stars

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