Review | Here All Along

Here All Along

Author: Lilly Avalon
Series: Here All Along, #1
Genre: New Adult, Erotica, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Lilly Avalon
Publication Date: February 11th, 2014
Format: ebook
Source: Author
Purchase: Amazon

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Every time Hazel Bell goes on a date, she returns home unhappy and disenchanted about love. At least her best friend Adrian Williams is always there for her, even more so now that they’re roommates. After both of them have a bad night out, they decide to just relax and forget the world for awhile. It’s been a long time since they’ve been alone together. They certainly weren’t counting on the close quarters bringing out hidden desires. Now it appears their platonic friendship is being put to the test—one that neither can resist. By the end of the night, will it be the end for Hazel and Adrian—or a new beginning?

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**I received a copy of Here All Along from the author in exchange for honest review**

First Impression

Ohhh…roommates/friends who are about to possibly cross that line? Count me in!

Opening Lines

I need a drink. Now.”
After tossing—fine, throwing—my purse and keys on the couch, I march straight into the kitchen.”

The Good

I wish I had known that you were here all along, Adrian.”

I’m a sucker for when an author takes advantage of inserting the title into the text of a book. So many authors miss out on that opportunity but not Lilly Avalon! While Here All Along is too short, its still a well written book that gives you just enough details but keeps you wanting more. I flipped through this quickly and loved the descriptions that Lilly Avalon provided, it gives readers get insight of what Hazel is feeling.

The In-Between

I would have loved to have seen more back story on both characters, I felt the little of information was given was certainly not enough for me to build a connection with Hazel or Adrian.

Lasting Impression

Overall, Here All Along was a light, quick and steamy read! A little too short for my liking but I look forward to the development between Hazel and Adrian in the next book!

 photo 11cf41c7-1e98-4802-b5cb-c4d74927f760_zpsa5a331f4.jpg

3.5 Stars


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**Author Bio was taken from Goodreads**

Lilly Avalon writes new adult and erotic romances. She’s in her twenties and lives in a cute little apartment in a small city. She loves reading romantic stories as much as she loves writing them. Her favorite things include dancing, watching scandalous television dramas, and autumn. Lilly Avalon is a pseudonym.

Links: Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook

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