Review: Finding Hope



Finding Hope

Author: Beth Fred
Series: A Missing Peace, #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Beth Fred
Publication Date: September 1st, 2014
Format: ebook
Source: Itching For Books
Purchase: Amazon

Synopsis (Goodreads):

When insecure eighteen-year-old Kailee Hill gets caught tagging Iraq war refugee, Abrahem Yohanna’s garage, she’s not expecting him to act as her designated driver, hold her hair back when she pukes, or offer to be a shoulder to cry on. But she’s failing chemistry and her life is falling apart, so she uses the number Abe leaves her and finds herself with a new tutor.

The two quickly find themselves falling hard for each other. Kailee attacks a local grunt when he calls Abe a “sand nigger” and fights with her veteran brother to be with him. When she learns Abe hasn’t told his family about her, she’s heartbroken and the couple risks losing everything they’ve worked to build. To make matters worse, Kailee’s previous acts make her the prime suspect in a serious crime. With Kailee behind bars and doubting his feelings for her, Abe must find a way to rescue the girl he loves and win back her affection . And to do that he’ll have to catch a crook…


Opening Lines


A sports car sat at the curb in front of my house. Ommy worked nights and I was driving her car, so someone was at the house with Mirriam. I sighed. At least, it wasn’t that punk across the street. He didn’t drive a sports car, and he would have just crossed the street.”

Excerpt From: Beth Fred. “Finding Hope.” iBooks.

The Good

Finding Hope, the book that gave me serious whiplash!! There were a couple of different points throughout this book that I sat there and actually yelled “Wait…what!?” out loud. This was the first time I’ve ever read anything with a war reference, Iraq or PTSD. I was a little nervous at first that I wouldn’t really be able to relate to the story, but that didn’t happen.

When I first started reading Finding Hope I wasn’t too impressed with Kailee’s character but she quickly grew on me! We get to see her character develop through this story and seeing what she goes through, and what her personal life is like really helps you come to understand her. I loved the dynamics of Abrahem and Kailee’s relationship. Definitely an unlikely couple, but I found they worked out well together. While I found each character within this story to be interesting and a good mix to the plot, I couldn’t help but feel like I was missing some information. I wish I knew that this was originally part of a series, I would have loved to have read book 1 first to get the full history of each character.

Finding Hope touches on some pretty heavy topics and issues that made this book more realistic, relatable and just unique. It was interesting reading about PTSD and racism. I also enjoyed the sub-plots that took place with each character. Although I felt like Jackson’s story was rushed and I would love to seem him get his own book. Maybe there will be a book 3?! I can only hope…

Lasting Impression

Overall, Finding Hope was an interesting read! I was pleasantly surprise with this being my first time reading a book that handled Iraq & PTSD. I’ll have to try and find the first book so I can read them back to back and get the full picture of all the characters.

3.5 Stars


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Beth Fred is a full time ELF keeper and part time author/blogger/writing instructor. She’s represented by Kathleen Rushall of Marsal Lyons Literary Agency. Beth likes her tea hot, her romance sweet, and her guys chivalrous. Real men hold open doors, refer to you as ma’am, make promises they keep, and aren’t afraid to profess their undying love. It’s not breakfast if there aren’t carbs (at least, not in the South). Fajitas, carnitas, and churros are just few of her favorite things. Bet you can’t guess where she’s from 😉 | TWITTER | FACEBOOK





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Review | Here All Along

Here All Along

Author: Lilly Avalon
Series: Here All Along, #1
Genre: New Adult, Erotica, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Lilly Avalon
Publication Date: February 11th, 2014
Format: ebook
Source: Author
Purchase: Amazon

 photo 43968bbc-d4b3-489f-a604-973a70d99be8_zps5bec76ae.jpg
Every time Hazel Bell goes on a date, she returns home unhappy and disenchanted about love. At least her best friend Adrian Williams is always there for her, even more so now that they’re roommates. After both of them have a bad night out, they decide to just relax and forget the world for awhile. It’s been a long time since they’ve been alone together. They certainly weren’t counting on the close quarters bringing out hidden desires. Now it appears their platonic friendship is being put to the test—one that neither can resist. By the end of the night, will it be the end for Hazel and Adrian—or a new beginning?

 photo goodreads_zpsbfc5d95d.png

 photo c84e18c8-8677-4526-89d4-fbd17c81445a_zpscae30e67.jpg

**I received a copy of Here All Along from the author in exchange for honest review**

First Impression

Ohhh…roommates/friends who are about to possibly cross that line? Count me in!

Opening Lines

I need a drink. Now.”
After tossing—fine, throwing—my purse and keys on the couch, I march straight into the kitchen.”

The Good

I wish I had known that you were here all along, Adrian.”

I’m a sucker for when an author takes advantage of inserting the title into the text of a book. So many authors miss out on that opportunity but not Lilly Avalon! While Here All Along is too short, its still a well written book that gives you just enough details but keeps you wanting more. I flipped through this quickly and loved the descriptions that Lilly Avalon provided, it gives readers get insight of what Hazel is feeling.

The In-Between

I would have loved to have seen more back story on both characters, I felt the little of information was given was certainly not enough for me to build a connection with Hazel or Adrian.

Lasting Impression

Overall, Here All Along was a light, quick and steamy read! A little too short for my liking but I look forward to the development between Hazel and Adrian in the next book!

 photo 11cf41c7-1e98-4802-b5cb-c4d74927f760_zpsa5a331f4.jpg

3.5 Stars


 photo df37543c-805c-4244-93c9-4fd84e14574e_zpsb0c39b6f.jpg

**Author Bio was taken from Goodreads**

Lilly Avalon writes new adult and erotic romances. She’s in her twenties and lives in a cute little apartment in a small city. She loves reading romantic stories as much as she loves writing them. Her favorite things include dancing, watching scandalous television dramas, and autumn. Lilly Avalon is a pseudonym.

Links: Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook

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ARC Review | Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret

Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret

Author: Jennie Lucas
Series: Standalone
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Publisher: Harlequin
Expected Publication Date: July 15th / August 1st, 2014
Format: eARC
Source: Harlequin / NetGalley
Purchase: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks

 photo 43968bbc-d4b3-489f-a604-973a70d99be8_zps5bec76ae.jpg

“You wouldn’t have been able to resist either, believe me.” 

He broke down my defenses as if they were paper. One dark, unfathomable glance from Alejandro, the notorious Duke of Alzacar, and I was his. It was only later that I realized why he’d seduced me, and I had no choice but to flee.

Nine months on, he’s found me. No matter how my body and my heart react to him, I can never let the duke take our son away from me. But Alejandro will stop at nothing. I just have one card left to play…

 photo goodreads_zpsbfc5d95d.png

 photo c84e18c8-8677-4526-89d4-fbd17c81445a_zpscae30e67.jpg

** I received a copy from Harlequin via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**
*All quotes from eARC and may change in final edition*

First Impression

Late last night I decided to log onto NetGalley and take a look for something new to read. I was really in the mood for something light and full of fluff, this reading slump just doesn’t want to leave! Once I read the synopsis I realized the great potential this book would have and decided to give it a go.

Opening Lines

The gray, lowering sky was falling like a shroud across the old colonial city of San Miguel de Allende when I heard the words I’d feared in nightmares for the past year.”

The Good

I had a feeling this book would have great potential and I was right! I loved the plot, it was just so interesting and kept building and building! I even enjoyed the characters. Lena and Alejandro were two strong main characters and dysfunctional secondary characters Claudia and Edward all kept the story alive. The writing style was definitely my favourite part, I kept trying to tab different parts because there were just so many beautiful quotes! I’ve included a couple throughout my review.

Oleander. I Shivered a little. So beautiful to the eyes. But so poisonous to the heart.
Just like Alejandro, I thought.”

The Bad

  • Nothing I would consider bad.

The In-Between

  • Title – I’m that person that expects the title to match the plot of a book, and this is one that I felt could have been named something different. The title is Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret, yet the really wasn’t MUCH of uncovering Lena’s secret, within the first chapter its solved. Now, there was another secret that seemed the be the focus of the book and I feel like the title should have had more to do with that than Lena’s.
  • On and Off – This book fell flat at some points closer towards the end. I felt like the same level of creativity that was used to start the book was missing when it came to finishing the book.
  • 9 Months Ago – I would have loved if there was a chapter from nine months/a year ago when Lena and Alejandro first meet and how that night really took off for them.

Denial is a beautiful thing. A woman in love can be very good at focusing on the ode and ignoring the thorn-at last until it draws blood.”

Lasting Impression

Overall, Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret was a cute, light, and swoon worthy read! A couple of things I wish played out differently but still an enjoyable read! If you want a romance novel with an innocent heroine, a hero with a secret, and a loveable family I recommend picking this up!

You create your own future, step by step, by being brave. By doing the right thing. By telling the truth. By trying your best.”

 photo 11cf41c7-1e98-4802-b5cb-c4d74927f760_zpsa5a331f4.jpg

4 Stars


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Book Review: Of Happiness

 photo ohbanner_zpse7a417bd.jpg

Of Happiness

Author: Olivia Luck
Series: In Pursuit, #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Olivia Luck
Publication Date: May 20th, 2014
Format: ebook
Pages: 326
Source: Love Between the Sheets Promotions
Purchase: Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes And Noble photo 9bb5e8a5-a0b1-449c-a417-c528f02fe37f_zps53f1e3c9.png

“Now that I have you, I’m never letting you go.”

Edith Neff relocated to Chicago to capture her own piece of happiness. Now bombarded with more change than she knows how to manage, Eddie struggles to pick of the pieces of her torn heart and decimated friendship.

Standing in the middle of a sidewalk while her (ex?) boyfriend Harris Grant pleads for forgiveness, Eddie’s at a loss what to do next. So when her estranged father provides a lifeline – she has no option than to take his offer.

But Harris won’t let Eddie go without a fight. He’ll use whatever tactics necessary to win back his girl. While Eddie and Harris find their way back together, darkness lurks, unwilling to relent on destroying their relationship. Permanently.

Note: Of Happiness is the sequel to In Pursuit. Content intended for readers 18+.


 photo 7c85ad0f-fa02-42ea-a525-4f88c294733b_zpsf94be14e.png

“Quick! Pull out your lip gloss,” Sean instructs as he drops into the open seat next to me.

“What?” I laugh.

He tugs my purse out of my lap and begins rifling through with frantic fingers. When he finds the berry-colored stick, he instructs me to part my lips.

“What’s going on?” I mutter through my frozen facial expression. My eyes dart to Luke, who wrings his hands in his seat next to my dad.

“Ponytail doesn’t have enough volume,” Sean says to himself as stretches behind me to tighten the elastic on my hair. Then he reaches forward and musses the fine strands around my face, giving a more messy appearance than I’m used to. “I guess your outfit will do.” I look down at my cuffed boyfriend jeans, gray muted leopard tank, and navy blue cardigan. The anxiety I had sort of forgotten about reestablishes itself firmly as a boulder in my gut.

“Luke,” I say gravely. “Tell me.”

“He insisted,” he says softly.  “I’m sorry, I should have asked you first—”

An inexplicable shiver rolls through my shoulders. The low murmur of my friends and the other patrons at Rusty’s falls away.  


He’s the only person who elicits this type of bodily response. I remain rigid and unmoving except for my sweaty palms which I place on my thighs.

“Luke, my man! How are you?” A strong hand slaps Luke’s shoulder.

“Matt, hey.” His worried expression eases into a cheerful one when he shakes hands with a man wearing a large, black boot cast. Next to Matt is the beautiful, caramel-haired woman, Jane, who was with Harris in his convertible.

And then it’s him.

Harris’ masculine scent surrounds me. He braces his arms on the back of my chair, overwhelming me with his physical presence. I’m swirling in a sea of Harris, unable to resist his pull. He dips closer and then his lips brush oh so gently against my flushed cheek. The intimate contact sends my heart into overdrive.

“Hello, Edith,” he murmurs against my skin before pulling away.

I nearly swoon against the wood chair. Damn. 

 photo ohteaser_zps5ab30667.jpg

 photo 4c7c57e9-244a-42fb-abaf-06f54de6e038_zpse7762b12.png

Of Happiness picks up right where In Pursuit left off, with many readers wonder what will happen next for Eddie & Harris? Will they get their happy ever after? Would Eddie even take him back? And when will someone put Claire in her place?! There were so many questions running through my head when I started Of Happiness and Olivia managed to answer every single one of them! When it sadly came to an end there wasn’t a single part of me that felt certain plot twists were left unresolved, yep, she’s THAT good!

This was an epic conclusion to Harris and Eddie. Ms. Luck truly takes you through the roller-costar of emotions throughout this book. We experience Eddie trying to mend her broken heart and put all the pieces back together, but we also get to see how determined Harris is to get her back and he’ll let nothing get in the way of the woman he loves. But of course, Claire is still in the picture, so we know that Harris and Eddie’s road to happiness won’t be an easy one. But how much can Eddie take? How much is too much? You really need to pick up this book to find out ;).

4.5 stars

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 photo 82e606ad-3695-4aad-a23c-81fc38599ce0_zpsd6c239b4.png

Olivia Luck lives in the middle of America with her loving husband and her obsession with writing. She wrote her first romance novel at age eight. When she’s not reading, editing, or writing, you can find her in the kitchen learning to cook. Olivia loves to travel and spend time with her family.
Get in touch with Olivia, she adores emails:
And if you’re on social media, you can find her there too:

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Waiting on Wednesday (5): It Happened One Wedding

 photo fd48ffa3-57d2-454d-8d14-c659d87d6e8b_zps9f9afa5c.png

**Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine that spotlights highly anticipated upcoming releases.**

It Happened One Wedding (FBI/US Attorney, #5)

Author: Julie James
Series: FBI / US Attorney, #5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Jove
Expected Publication Date: May 6th, 2014
Format: Paperback, ebook, Audio
Purchase: Kobo | Amazon | B&N

 photo 9bb5e8a5-a0b1-449c-a417-c528f02fe37f_zps53f1e3c9.png

After a humiliating end to her engagement, investment banker Sidney Sinclair is done with commitment-phobic men. But when her sister winds up engaged after a whirlwind courtship, she’s thrown in to close contact with exactly the kind of sexy playboy she wants to avoid—the gorgeous best man. She’s stuck with him, for better or worse, until her sister walks down the aisle, but that doesn’t mean she has to give in to his smooth advances, no matter how tempting they are…


Special Agent Vaughn Roberts always gets his man on the job and his woman in bed. So Sidney’s refusal to fall for his charms only makes him more determined to win over the cool and confident redhead. Only what starts out as a battle of wills ends up as a serious play for her heart. Because the one woman who refuses to be caught may be the only one Vaughn can’t live without…


I love Julie James. I really do!
All of her books are witty, sassy and just so beautifully written. She has that kind of style that will have you finishing her book in one sitting. Trust me, been there done that multiple times! I would recommend them to ANYONE!! If you’re thinking of grabbing this book, or any of her other books, DO IT! The only book in the series I haven’t read yet is About That Night, #3 so I could be wrong in saying this but I believe this will be the first book in the series that doesn’t have Suspense/Mystery to it.

I’ve included an Author’s Note from Goodreads about why she calls it a series. Basically, you can jump in wherever you would like!

Author note: these books are a “series” in the sense that they are set in a shared world and some characters make appearances in later books. They can, however, easily be standalones. Feel free to jump in wherever you like.

What book are you currently waiting on?!


Review: Let’s Misbehave

 photo Lets-Misbehave-Tour-Banner_zps3b3ee4da.jpg


Let’s Misbehave

Author: Kate Perry
Series: Summerhill, #3
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Phoenix Rising Enterprises, Inc
Publication Date: April 14th, 2014
Format: PDF
Pages: 293
Source: AToMR / Kate Perry
Purchase: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

 photo 9bb5e8a5-a0b1-449c-a417-c528f02fe37f_zps53f1e3c9.png
Imogen Summerhill, box office darling, has never wanted to be in the spotlight less.

When racy photos–and video!–are leaked by her sleazy ex, her studio couldn’t be happier. All press is good press, and this will only enhance the intrigue about her upcoming blockbuster. But how is Gigi supposed to be taken seriously as an actress with all this inappropriate buzz? She’s Cate Blanchett, not Kim Kardashian.

But then Gigi meets Merrick Graham, the Bad Boy of Politics. The last thing either of them wants is to be tainted by more scandal: he needs the support of the conservatives, and she wants to untarnish her image.

Only they can’t resist each other–separately they’re good, but in the bedroom they’re even better. They can’t be seen together in public, but in private all’s fair game, and there’s plenty of room to misbehave…


 photo 4c7c57e9-244a-42fb-abaf-06f54de6e038_zpse7762b12.png
*Spoiler free review*

I’m currently reading the Laurel Heights series (and loving it!), but when I saw the opportunity to hop into Kate’s Summerhill series, I just couldn’t resist!

Kate Perry’s books have strong independent female characters and a plot that you can count on being sweet with just the right amount of steam that always keeps us coming back for more. And her newish series Summerhill is no different.

What happens when bad boy Merrick meets Gigi? Good girl gone bad! That’s what. There is no point in denying the intense chemistry between them, but while both are trying to clean up their image they agree on a secret affair. But we all know that secrets have a way of coming out!

I loved the side story of Holly and Peter, but I only wish there was more! Maybe they’ll get a novella in this series? A girl can only hope. I really hope that Holly and Peter’s story doesn’t get swept to the side because I think it’s just as important and as intriguing as Gigi & Merrick’s!

Similar to Laurel Heights series, Kate allows you the opinion to read the Summerhill series book-by-book or as a standalone. While I read Let’s Misbehave as a standalone I wish I read the other two books first. And that’s only because I really wanted to get to know Imogen’s (Gigi) sisters better.

Overall, yet another famously written book from Kate! This is a well paced, light read that will have you giggling over banter and fanning yourself over all the steamy scenes. I look forward to finishing up Laurel Heights and catching up on this story.

4 Stars

 photo cf886107-e7e2-4e70-b8b2-49a04a64d5bc_zpsff8e7035.png
*Open Internationally*
– Ten (10) ebook copies of Let’s MisBehave!

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 photo 82e606ad-3695-4aad-a23c-81fc38599ce0_zpsd6c239b4.png

Kate has tangoed at midnight with a man in blue furry chaps, dueled with flaming swords in the desert, and strutted on bar tops across the world and back. She’s been kissed under the Eiffel Tower, had her butt pinched in Florence, and been serenaded in New Orleans. But she found Happy Ever After in San Francisco with her Magic Man.

Kate’s the bestselling author of the Laurel Heights Novels, as well as the Pillow Talk and Guardians of Destiny series. She’s been translated into several languages and is quite proud to say she’s big in Slovenia. All her books are about strong, independent women who just want love.

Most days, you can find Kate in her favorite café, working on her latest novel. Sometimes she’s wearing a tutu. She may or may not have a jeweled dagger strapped to her thigh…

Website | Facebook | Twitter Goodreads

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