Review: The Imaginary Life

The Imaginary Life

Author: Mara Torres
Series: Standalone
Genre: Women’s Fiction,
Publisher: Grupo  Planeta
Publication Date: August 5th, 2014
Format: ebook
Pages: 172
Source: TLC Book Tours
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Rating: ★★★.5

Summary from Goodreads:

Meet Fortunata Fortuna, at a crossroads but ready to make her mark on the world

What goes through your head when the person you love leaves you? What do you do with your life when you have to start it all over again? Do you make it up? Nata’s world fills with unanswered questions when Beto leaves her. But time doesn’t stop, and the stories that Nata begins to tell herself about her own life lead her to a place where everything becomes possible again.

Original and contemporary, this debut novel, a finalist for the Planeta Prize, has the nerve center of a confessional and introduces readers to Fortunata Fortuna, a character the world won’t soon forget.

Opening Lines

“Life sucks. I don’t mean always; I mean now. I don’t mean that life has sucked since the moment I was born. I mean these past few days, weeks, months. Days when I open the window in the morning and couldn’t care less if the plum tree opposite me is in bloom or has withered away. These colourless months, not even black and white but drab. Like the pages on a calendar: the mornings at work, the evenings when I collapse onto this sofa and stare at the wall until everything goes blurry and I have to blink because my vision has clouded over.”

Ever wonder what could happen in a post-breakup situation? Well I jumped into The Imaginary Life to find out! I was instantly attracted to the cover. The use of pink against the off-white background gave this book a nice pop that made it stand out more. Nata is indeed an interesting character, she knows she needs to accept what has happened and move on, yet she seems to keep doing things to throw herself 10 steps back. The Imaginary Life is split up into 3 parts, and within each part each chapter has a named with sayings. This added a very unique and cute spin on the story, I often found myself reading a chapter and trying to connect it to the title of that chapter.

At times I struggled trying to identify who the narrator was, I wasn’t sure if we were being introduced to another character or not. This lead to some confusion on my part and had me flipping back pages and re-reading. I also struggled to grasp the magical part of this story. What I loved about Mara Torres’ writing style is that it allowed me to really put my imagination to work. And I don’t mean I had to work hard to picture everything, just that there was great use of words that had me wanting to picture every detail and every moment.

Overall, The Imaginary Life was more enjoyable then I thought it would be! I think this is a great read for everyone with valuable life lessons. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending, although I understand what it symbolizes, I would have like to see more of depth as to what and where Nata’s life will go from here. I wonder if a second book is in the making, probably not but one can hope!


About the Author

Mara Torres is a reporter and author. She earned a degree in journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). Torres began her professional career in radio in the 1990s; a decade later, Hablar por hablar became a leading show on evening radio. In 2006 Torres moved to Spanish Television Information Services, where she is a host of news and entertainment shows. Among other awards, Torres has won the Golden Antenna and the Silver Microphone. She has published two nonfiction books. The Imaginary Life is her first novel and her first book in English.

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Review: Lust


Author: Diana Raab
Series: Standalone
Genre: Poetry, Romance
Publisher: CW Books
Publication Date: February 1st, 2014
Format: Paperback
Pages: 104
Source: Diana Raab
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Book Depository | IndieBound


A passionate journey through private emotional moments, Diana Raab’s Lust voices the pain of loneliness and the heart’s yearning for love while transcending the depths of human desire.

In her fourth book of poetry, Raab employs narrative verse that is alive, titillating, and seductive. Lust examines the emotional and physical complexity of love, helping readers navigate the risks of intimacy as we move toward the realization that every experience enriches our lives, whether we perceive it as joy, pain, or out of the ordinary. Yet for all their psychological richness, the poems’ simplicity and accessibility will resonate with women and men across all walks of life. Lust is a book you won’t put down and won’t soon forget. (Goodreads)

The Good


“If you know lust like I know lust
you know how it grabs you
in places that feel so good,
in a way that trumps tomorrow.

 It snatches and strangles our pasts away
and forges forbidden futures,
while injecting needles of pure pleasure
into any artery receptive to its dose.”

I decided to give you a little teaser of one of the poems I really enjoyed…and yes it also just happens to be the one with the same title of the book :).

The Book / Cover – Presentation is everything, right? When I received Lust in the mailing I wasn’t expecting it to be so beautiful! The picture above does not do this but justice of how beautiful that cover is. This book this thin and really light, but what I love the most is how soft it is. This might sound weird, but there is just something about it’s softness and the way it sits in my hands that just added to the whole experience of reading Lust.

Lust covers the highs and lows of intimacy. I found myself to be completely lost within the words I was reading, at times I felt like I was in the book. I really believe that Lust just has a way of pulling different emotions out of it’s readers, wither it be passion, sex, or the hunger and thirst for someone.

I don’t think I can say that I have one poem that is my favourite (this may change), every poem touched me in a different way but some of the ones I constantly read over and over again are What Women Want, Muse Me, Found, My Morphine and Protection. These were the poems that I found myself connecting with the most, I’m not sure why exactly but these poems were the ones that just grabbed me. This doesn’t mean I didn’t connect with the other poems because I most certainly did, there isn’t a single poem that I didn’t like.

Lasting Impression

Overall, Lust was a wonderful selection of poems. I’m so happy that TLC Book Tours brought this book to my attention! I highly suggest picking up Lust and giving it a try! 


About Diana Raab

Diana Raab is an award-winning poet, memoirist, and believer in the healing power of the written word. She began crafting poems at the age of ten when her mother gave her her first Khalil Gibran journal to help her cope with her grandmother and caretaker’s suicide. A few years later she discovered the journals of diarist Anaïs Nin and learned that, like Raab, Nin began journaling as a result of loss (the loss of her father). Much of Raab’s poetry has been inspired by Anaïs Nin’s life and works.

She is the author of four poetry collections, My Muse Undresses Me (2007); Dear Ans: My Life in Poems for You (2008); The Guilt Gene (2009); and Listening to Africa (2011).

Her poetry and prose have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies including Rattle, Boiler Room Journal, Rosebud, Litchfield Review, Tonopah Review, South Florida Arts Journal, Prairie Wolf Press, The Citron Review, Writers’ Journal, Common Ground Review, A Café in Space, The Toronto Quarterly, Snail Mail Review, New Mirage Journal, and Jet Fuel Review.

She is editor of two anthologies, Writers and Their Notebooks (2010) and Writers on the Edge (2012), co-edited with James Brown. Both these collections have submissions from poets and prose writers.

Diana has two memoirs, Regina’s Closet: Finding My Grandmother’s Secret Journal (winner of the 2009 Mom’s Choice Award for Adult Nonfiction and the National Indie Excellence Award for Memoir), and Healing With Words: A Writer’s Cancer Journey (winner of the 2011 Mom’s Choice Award for Adult Nonfiction).

She is a regular blogger for The Huffington Post and writes a monthly column for the Santa Barbara Sentinel, “The Mindful Word.” She lives in Southern California with her husband, and has three grown children. She is currently working on her doctorate in psychology and is researching the healing power of writing and creativity.

Links: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

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Review: The Accidental Kiss

Accidental Kiss BT banner



The Accidental Kiss

Author: Nicole Simone
Series: The Kiss series, #1
Genre: YA, Paranormal, Romance
Publisher: Nicole Simone
Publication Date: August 12th, 2014
Format: ebook
Pages: 279
Source: InkSlinger PR
Purchase: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

Synopsis (Goodreads):

They were like fire and ice.

But he was everything she didn’t know she needed.

Marked by tragedy, Sky Noel leaves Los Angeles with her mom to start anew in Castor, a small town in Louisiana. It was supposed to be Sky’s chance to have a normal life but she soon finds out normal isn’t written in her DNA.

When a mysterious boy named Daemon shakes up Sky’s fragile hold on reality, she is thrust into a world where zombies and voodoo not only exist in the pages of a novel. They are hidden in the darkest corners where danger lurks and death awaits. With a price on her head, Sky has to put her trust in the boy with the ocean blue eyes but is Daemon everything she was warned against and more?

Tricked into selling his soul, Daemon lives out his existence at the mercy of the voodoo priest. That is until one fateful night when his path is forever changed.

Desperate to atone for his sins, Daemon brings it upon himself to protect Sky at any cost. However, a secret hidden in his past could rip away the very person who makes him feel human again.


Opening Lines

The stark white hallways smelled like cleaning fluid as I navigated my way through the throngs of students. I glanced down at the piece of white paper with the number 301 written on it and looked back up. Down right panic coursed through my veins when I realized the lockers didn’t have numbers on them; only weird symbols that looked as if they belonged in a geometry book. I was totally screwed. ”

Excerpt From: Nicole Simone. “The Accidental Kiss.” iBooks.

The Good

…she soon finds out normal isn’t written in her DNA.”

Oh Sky, I kind of giggled at how far from normal her life really is! The second I saw the cover for The Accidental Kiss I just knew I had to read it. I mean have you seen that cover? Go ahead; scroll back up at look at it. Hot right?! I love the pose of the characters, and the smoking background and skulls are a perfect touch for this paranormal book. I honestly had my fingers tripled crossed hoping I would make it onto the tour, and it was my Waiting on Wednesday pick on my other blog. This book sounded amazing and I knew there would be a lot of people signing up. Thank you InkSlinger PR!!

I devoured this book as soon as I received the ARC, I read it so fast that a couple of days later I had to re-read it. I did some research and found out that Nicole has been working on this story for 5 years, this just goes to prove that handwork really pays off! I loved this book so much. I don’t read a lot of Paranormal books because I’m a picky individual but this one is making it onto my paranormal favourites list! The world building was executed perfectly, which is something a lot of authors struggle with in the fantasy and paranormal genre. There is a unique and interesting combination of zombies (omg, yes) and magic/voodoo that really works out well in this story.

Now let’s talk about the characters, they are just PERFECT! Sky is an all around great character, she can handle her own and does a really good job at adapting to her new lifestyle, plus I loved her attitude. Now Daemon…can I have him? Please?! If I was to ever come across a real life Daemon I would jump him in a heartbeat! The chemistry between them is great, and the sexual tension. OMG! I had the biggest grin on my face while reading certain parts of this! And the little one liners Daemon would give had me laughing so hard. Daemon and Sky were seriously a perfect combination that really complemented each other. The only thing I didn’t like, and it’s really minor, was the ending! For me it came too soon and now I’m impatiently waiting for book two! I’ll be stalking Nicole’s Goodreads page & Website to try until I find a release date :).

Lasting Impression

Overall, The Accidental Kiss did not disappoint me! I cannot wait to continue with this series, seriously I just can’t wait. I also plan on reading more by Nicole Simone, I really love her writing style. I’ll be re-reading this again later this month, yes I loved it THAT much!

4.5 stars


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About the Author

Nicole Simone works in digital media by day and at night, pen’s character driven romance novels that will make your mama blush. She lives in Los Angeles, C.A with her fat bulldog named Humphrey.

Links: Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook

Review: Finding Hope



Finding Hope

Author: Beth Fred
Series: A Missing Peace, #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Beth Fred
Publication Date: September 1st, 2014
Format: ebook
Source: Itching For Books
Purchase: Amazon

Synopsis (Goodreads):

When insecure eighteen-year-old Kailee Hill gets caught tagging Iraq war refugee, Abrahem Yohanna’s garage, she’s not expecting him to act as her designated driver, hold her hair back when she pukes, or offer to be a shoulder to cry on. But she’s failing chemistry and her life is falling apart, so she uses the number Abe leaves her and finds herself with a new tutor.

The two quickly find themselves falling hard for each other. Kailee attacks a local grunt when he calls Abe a “sand nigger” and fights with her veteran brother to be with him. When she learns Abe hasn’t told his family about her, she’s heartbroken and the couple risks losing everything they’ve worked to build. To make matters worse, Kailee’s previous acts make her the prime suspect in a serious crime. With Kailee behind bars and doubting his feelings for her, Abe must find a way to rescue the girl he loves and win back her affection . And to do that he’ll have to catch a crook…


Opening Lines


A sports car sat at the curb in front of my house. Ommy worked nights and I was driving her car, so someone was at the house with Mirriam. I sighed. At least, it wasn’t that punk across the street. He didn’t drive a sports car, and he would have just crossed the street.”

Excerpt From: Beth Fred. “Finding Hope.” iBooks.

The Good

Finding Hope, the book that gave me serious whiplash!! There were a couple of different points throughout this book that I sat there and actually yelled “Wait…what!?” out loud. This was the first time I’ve ever read anything with a war reference, Iraq or PTSD. I was a little nervous at first that I wouldn’t really be able to relate to the story, but that didn’t happen.

When I first started reading Finding Hope I wasn’t too impressed with Kailee’s character but she quickly grew on me! We get to see her character develop through this story and seeing what she goes through, and what her personal life is like really helps you come to understand her. I loved the dynamics of Abrahem and Kailee’s relationship. Definitely an unlikely couple, but I found they worked out well together. While I found each character within this story to be interesting and a good mix to the plot, I couldn’t help but feel like I was missing some information. I wish I knew that this was originally part of a series, I would have loved to have read book 1 first to get the full history of each character.

Finding Hope touches on some pretty heavy topics and issues that made this book more realistic, relatable and just unique. It was interesting reading about PTSD and racism. I also enjoyed the sub-plots that took place with each character. Although I felt like Jackson’s story was rushed and I would love to seem him get his own book. Maybe there will be a book 3?! I can only hope…

Lasting Impression

Overall, Finding Hope was an interesting read! I was pleasantly surprise with this being my first time reading a book that handled Iraq & PTSD. I’ll have to try and find the first book so I can read them back to back and get the full picture of all the characters.

3.5 Stars


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Beth Fred is a full time ELF keeper and part time author/blogger/writing instructor. She’s represented by Kathleen Rushall of Marsal Lyons Literary Agency. Beth likes her tea hot, her romance sweet, and her guys chivalrous. Real men hold open doors, refer to you as ma’am, make promises they keep, and aren’t afraid to profess their undying love. It’s not breakfast if there aren’t carbs (at least, not in the South). Fajitas, carnitas, and churros are just few of her favorite things. Bet you can’t guess where she’s from 😉 | TWITTER | FACEBOOK





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Review: Playing With Matches

playingwithmatches_tour14 (1)


Playing With Matches

Author: Suri Rosen
Series: N/A
Genre: YA, Romance
Publisher: ECW Press
Publication Date: September 9th, 2014
Format: Paperback
Pages: 255
Source: ECW Press
Purchase: Amazon | B&N | iBooks
Chapters | Kobo | Book Depository

Synopsis (Goodreads):

A cross between Jane Austen’s Emma, Dear Abby, and Yenta the matchmaker!

When 16-year-old Raina Resnick is expelled from her Manhattan private school, she’s sent to live with her strict aunt-but Raina feels like she’s persona non grata no matter where she goes. Her sister, Leah, blames her for her broken engagement, and she’s a social pariah at her new school. In the tight-knit Jewish community, Raina finds she is good at one thing: matchmaking! As the anonymous “MatchMaven,” Raina sets up hopeless singles desperate to find the One.

Can she find the perfect match for her sister and get back on her good side, or will her secret life catch up with her?

In this debut novel, Suri Rosen creates a comic and heartwarming story of one girl trying to find happiness for others, and redemption for herself.


**I received an advanced copy from ECW Press in exchange for an honest review**

Opening Lines

Here’s some advice if you plan on taking the Number 7 down Bathurst Street at 7:36 a.m. Do not sit downwind from the woman eating the industrial-grade tuna fish. And if The Groomer is on the bus, get ready to duck at the first sign of the nail clippers.”

The Good

If I could sum up Playing With Matches using only one word it would be Cute with a capital C!! Seriously, I think my face still hurts from smiling so much awhile reading this!

First off I just have to talk about the cover and my physical copy of this book. I was sent a PDF version until Playing with Matches was ready to be mailed out; when I opened the PDF I was so surprised by the cover design. I love the choice of colors and font used. I remember looking at it thinking how soft it looks! And when it came in the mail and I basically fell in love with it. The cover, the back of it, the font used, colour choices, the text style and the little arrows were all just beautiful touches to make this book look fantastic! And the spine! Let me just say that this book looks amazing on my bookshelf. I mean, if you still want to go and buy the ebook version, sure knock yourself out! But you’ll be missing out on one BEAUTIFUL book!

Raina Resnick is the main character and narrator throughout Playing With Matches, and I have to say that her character brought this story to life! I loved her character development throughout the book, it made her into a realistic character that people can relate to. I admit I was on the fence on if I would really like Raina’s character at the start of the book, but you quickly grow to love her. One thing that really bothered me was Raina’s family. HOW IN THE WORLD COULD YOU BLAME HER?! Ben was clearly a loser who didn’t understand that no family is perfect. My heart broke for Raina,  she was really just trying to make everyone else happy. Who hasn’t been in a similar situation of trying to make others happy?!

Now Suri Rosen…debut novel? Lies I tell you, LIES!! I’m only kidding. But Suri Rosen if you happen to actually read this I would like you to know that I am in awe of you. The writing style was perfect, everything just had a great flow. I have to say the biggest (and best) thing that I didn’t see coming was the fact that Suri Rosen didn’t focus on giving Raina a love interest. This made Playing With Matches refreshing and unique compared to all the young adult books that do focus on love interest. Suri Rosen proved that there is more to a character than falling in love, and that’s an important message!

Lasting Impression

Overall, Playing With Matches was such a cute read and I loved it to pieces!! A unique and refreshing read that has made its way onto my favourites list. A huge congratulations goes out to Suri Rosen, what a fantastic debut novel! I look forward to reading more of her work. Did I love it? YES. Should you read it? HECK YES!!!

5 stars



Open internationally.

One (1) paperback copy of Playing With Matches!

Playing With Matches

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Review: Target For Terror

 photo BANNER11_zpsb58c9c64.png

Target for Terror

Author: L. A. Iding
Series: Security Specialists, Inc
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Publisher: L. A. Iding
Publication Date: February 1st, 2014
Format: ebook
Pages: 351
Source: Indiesage
Purchase: Amazon | B&N | Kobo

 photo 43968bbc-d4b3-489f-a604-973a70d99be8_zps5bec76ae.jpg

Critical Care nurse Natalia Sokolova is honored to take care of the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia after he’s shot in Washington, DC. But after her patient mysteriously dies and her house explodes into flames, Natalia soon realizes that she’s become a pawn in a sinister game. She has little choice but to trust former FBI Agent Sloan Dryer to keep her safe.

Sloan manages to keep Natalia alive despite the hit-men trying to kill her but when he discovers a link to her family he’s not sure who to trust. On the run for their lives they can’t fight the attraction simmering beneath the surface. Then they uncover a terrorist plot that could bring the nation to its knees. Time is running out. Can Sloan and Natalia save the country and their new future together, before it’s too late?

 photo goodreads_zpsbfc5d95d.png


June 30th – 11:45 PM – Washington, DC
Sloan Dreyer slouched in his chair, cradling his drink on his stomach. The Russian vodka was far from smooth, but he welcomed the way it burned a fiery path to his gut.
The rotten taste of failure still lingered in his mouth, and he took another sip of his drink, desperate to swipe the bitterness away. Damn. Hadn’t he tried to convince Jordan he wasn’t the right man for the job? The fact that he knew how to speak Ukrainian didn’t mean jack-shit, and he’d sure as hell proved it during the fiasco this afternoon.
He’d failed in his job. Again. Security Specialists, Inc. wasn’t going to survive its first year in business if they continued losing the people they were supposed to protect.
The deputy prime minister of Russia was dead. Had been shot right under his fucking nose. Sloan had stuck as close to Josef Korolev as the bodyguards Korolev had brought with him from Russia, but still, when the screaming had started, he hadn’t even realized Korolev had been hit.
The Russian bodyguards had known, though, and they’d gone berserk, creating massive chaos that had taken hours to sort out. They’d managed to get Korolev to the closest hospital and the guy had actually survived surgery long enough to make it to the ICU.
Only to die of complications a few hours later.
Sloan took another sip of the corrosive vodka. He had no business protecting a toad, much less a Russian VIP. Jordan should have known better than to drop the assignment in his lap at the last minute. The fact he spoke Ukrainian shouldn’t have even entered the picture. Ukrainian was a softer language, nothing like pronouncing the hard constants of Russian. But had Jordan listened? No. Instead, Jordan had demanded he practice Russian for hours, as if cramming for a final exam, yet he’d still only caught a fourth of what the Russians had talked about.
The nurse, Natalia, had spoken in a slow, calm manner to Korolev, but all Sloan could figure out for sure was that she’d said something along the lines of the patient not needing to talk to the three of them.
He stared at the clear fluid in his glass, seeing instead the vision of the enticing nurse. She’d been amazingly beautiful. The baggy scrubs she wore had only given a hint of the slender body beneath. Her long blonde hair had been clipped back at the nape of her neck, but her high cheekbones, clear green eyes, and husky voice had been more than enough to capture his interest.
And the attention of every other guy standing within fifteen feet of her. After months of not feeling anything for anybody, the sensation of noticing her disturbed him.
What exactly had Josef told Natalia? Had her patient confided any secrets to her? Or had Korolev babbled nonsense from the drugs as she’d claimed? The blatant distrust in her eyes when he’d walked in with the two FBI agents, including the assistant director himself, hadn’t been reassuring. But the sound of her voice answering him in Ukrainian sent shivers of awareness darting down his spine. Damn, he had a weakness for a woman who could speak Ukrainian.
Late breaking news on the television diverted his attention from the untimely stirring of lust.
“Firefighters are still battling the five-alarm blaze in the northeast area of DC. One house has been declared as the original source of the fire, and so far the cause of the blaze is unknown. Police are searching for the home owner, Natalia Sokolova.”
The name had him straightening in his seat, his gaze arrested on the TV.
“At this time, they don’t believe she was in the house during the explosion since she was working the evening shift at a local hospital. But the police have not yet confirmed her whereabouts at this time.”
Shit. Shit! No way in hell could this be a coincidence. He leapt from his seat, snagged his cell phone and punched in a single number to speed dial his partner.
“Yeah?” Jordan’s groggy sleep-filled voice came from the other end of the line.
“We have a problem.” Sloan shoved his shoes back on his feet and reached for his car keys. He headed for the door at a run. “I need every piece of intel you have on Natalia Sokolova and I need it now. Someone just tried to kill her.”

 photo FullCover_TargetforTerrorbyLAIding_zpsf2877dbe.jpg

 photo c84e18c8-8677-4526-89d4-fbd17c81445a_zpscae30e67.jpg

First Impression

I went into this book with really low expectations, now let me explain why. I’m only just starting to read more Mystery and Suspense type novels, but I’ve been disappointed by a couple and decided that if I go into Target for Terror with low expectations than I won’t be easily disappointed. The synopsis is solid and I know there will be some romance, I just hope this isn’t predictable.

Opening Lines

I saw the man who shot me.”

The Good

WOW. This book is FANTASTIC! Target for Terror had me roped in from the first chapter! There was non stop action and this book kept me on my toes while I was trying to figure out what would happen next. Mind you, there were some chapters that I felt were a little slow. Nevertheless this book was well paced and not once did I find anything to be predictable, Woot! I know I’ve already said it but this book really kept me on my toes! Every time I would think I had a moment to catch my breath there was a new plot twist that just put me right back on my toes!

Sloan and Natalie…The intense chemistry and sexual tension between these two? WOW. Sloan has a history that causes him to be VERY protective of Natalie. What I liked the most was that Natalie was a strong character, people were trying to kill her and she didn’t turn into a flimsy/annoying character. She was very smart with her head on her shoulders and a perfect match for Sloan ;). But don’t me confused or put off by this, this was not a romance driven novel!

Target for Terror is the first book in the Security Specialists, Inc series, and let me just say what an amazing way to start off a series! I’m so happy that an excerpt for Target For Ransom was included at the back, I can’t wait for Jordan’s story! This was my first book by this author, I believe she also pens as Laura Iding.

The Bad / In-Between

  • Nothing.

Lasting Impression

Overall, Target for Terror is a highly addictive suspenseful read! I hope my review did give anything away because I really want everyone to read this book! I’ll be “patiently” waiting for Target For Ransom to release, in the meantime I might just have to re-read this one. Do I recommend it? YES!!

 photo 11cf41c7-1e98-4802-b5cb-c4d74927f760_zpsa5a331f4.jpg

4 Stars

 photo 3404dbb5-6554-4151-83c4-1b81b767d1ad_zps22cf7bae.jpg

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 photo df37543c-805c-4244-93c9-4fd84e14574e_zpsb0c39b6f.jpg

L. A. Iding is a critical care nurse by day and an author by night. After writing medical romances, winning the Desert Rose Golden Quill Award and the Heart Of Denver Aspen Gold Award, she’s decided to follow her dream to write longer more complex romantic suspense stories. She is currently hard at work on the sequel of this book, Target For Ransom.

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